Jenn’s Full Story

If you can catch Jenn sitting down for longer than fifteen minutes, you’ll be lucky because she’s always on the run doing something in her high heels! She’s had a life of adventure with challenges at a young age but has channeled those experiences into positive areas as she’s grown.

Jenn lost her 42-year-old Dad to suicide when she was only 11 years old. Her Mom had cancer when she was in her 30s, a second type of cancer in her 40s, and then passed away from medically induced suicide when she was only 52 years old. Jenn had just turned 30 years old when her Mom passed away. All of her grandparents were also deceased when she was in her 30s. Luckily Jenn has a brother who has been her biggest support throughout her adult life. She has moved 18 times in her life, not knowing where the next dollar would be earned.

The biggest blessing of Jenn’s life was becoming a mother of two beautiful daughters, Lauren and Jenna. Being a mother has been the most gratifying role of her lifetime. Years ago after a divorce and being single for over four years, Jenn added to her life her amazing husband, Jason and his four children- Hali, Kora, Korbin, and Hayden. Because of her husband’s support and bringing balance to her life, Jenn has been able to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to without boundaries. Together the eight of them have created a blended family that has been blessed with lots of laughter and natural chemistry.

Jenn has an addiction to creating companies. She’s the founder of K Real Estate, The Giveback Brokerage, The FMK Foundation, The Give Back Brokerage Charitable Foundation  and the Yellow For Life Organization. From the moment that you meet Jenn, you’ll know why her logos involve fun and lively themes. Every time that she has a vision of a new business, the first step is creating the logo because it’s her favorite part of the process. They each have a meaning and story that has layers well beyond just the visual look of the logo.

Jenn has not only built successful businesses but she’s also the recipient of many local & industry specific recognitions such as the Salt Lake Board of Realtors Good Neighbor Award recipient 2020, Salt Lake Board of Realtors Top 500 Agents Award 2021-2016, Salt Lake Board of Realtors 2017 & 2016 Gold Hall of Fame Award, 2015 Utah Business “30 Women to Watch” award, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Scholar, Brokerage Rookie of the Year 2011, CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) Designee, SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) Designee, CDRE (Certified Divorce Real Estate Specialist) Designee, CCA (Certified Commercial Real Estate Advisor), BNI Utah North Director/Member and also Dave Ramsey ELP approved real estate professional.

Jenn has a genuine affection for both the real estate industry but also giving back to her community through suicide and mental health awareness. She understands what it’s like to stand in her clients’ shoes for the biggest real estate transaction of their lifetime or if it’s in the non-profit spectrum, she understands what it’s like to lose a loved one to suicide and severe mental illness. Her passion for both keeps her in love with life every day.

When Jenn isn’t creating businesses, she’s enjoying taking ballroom dance lessons, wine tasting with her sexy Alaskan husband, or spending time with family.  Her main hobby these days is continuing to collect unique statement shoes (especially high heels) as hers has been an addiction for many years. The collection started more than 30 years ago when she had multiple surgeries to correct genetic deformities in her feet and created a love of shoes to celebrate those scars. The collection has grown to over 600 pairs, and most are “art” rather than actually pairs that will be worn. Clients have gifted her with hand-carved heels out of wood, a red high heel crafted out of metal washers, and her real estate team gave even a gold high heel award.

Jenn is also a published poet and amateur photographer.

When you’re with Jenn, challenge her to a headstand contest- she’ll most likely win because it’s her mission to be able to do them for the rest of her life regardless of age or what type of shoes she’s wearing at the time. She’s been known to do them on a hill in ski boots, ice skates outside of the rink, on the side of a road by the state freeway signs, or in a vineyard while wine tasting in high heels. Jenn always wants to make everyone around her feel at ease and hopefully leaving everyone knowing that she is truly genuine- even when she beats you at a headstand.

Her motto is a “NO FEAR mentality. Try one thing every day that scares you”.